Kids In School | The Artificial World Of The Classroom

Kids In School | The Artificial World Of The Classroom

Let’s think about life for a moment. Out there, in the big wide world, how often do you, as an adult, find yourself mingling only with people of your own age & socio-economic status? How often are you & those people under the direction of a single authority? How often are you & those people contained in a single room for several hours at a time with no autonomy? How often are you & those people all moving toward the exact same goal at the exact same time?


Kids In School, The Artifical World Of The Classroom

Does that even happen anywhere outside the traditional classroom?

With this post, I’m asking you to honestly consider what the ecosystem of the traditional classroom sets children up for.

Looking to the future, after spending 13 years or more in that setup, what do they learn?

Well, if recent reports are to believed, it’s nothing very good or worthwhile. Children continually need standards & expectations lowered (and then they go lower because they still can’t meet those benchmarks), they need constant praise (yet still face increased medication rates for emotional issues), & they need their teachers to have special training to handle violent outbursts among students (yet they still happen with alarming frequency).

There’s the explosion of bullying, of cheating getting a pass (see this report of a high school student caught, legitimately caught, attempting to change grades & yet his expulsion was repealed), and of teachers who speak out about problems facing discipline (see here, here, and here).

So, is this an optimal environment for students to be raised in? Let’s be real here, if a child is attending traditional schooling they are raised in these places. They spend the majority of their awake/alert time in these buildings, with these people, in these situations.

The rest of their time still revolves around going to school.


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