About Me

Orietta Rose

Orietta Rose, interior decorating student, helping young women reach their homemaker goals without all the stress. Live with grace, humility, wisdom, love, & laughter. Say, “No!” to jealousy, anger, & fear. Part of a vision for creating a supportive culture of enrichment & creativity for millennial and young women (be they mothers or wives or single with a dream).

Born of the Empire, Volunteer by choice. INTJ creative minded person.

Call me crazy and old fashioned, but it’s my dream to be a homemaker. That is literally what I want. I want to have a husband, children, and I want to ‘keep house’. I love making lists for chores, cooking, baking, I’m an interior decorating student & I hope to take event planning, professional organizing, & floral arrangement classes one day too… Basically, I’m aspiring to be a housewife & homeschooling mama & I’m proud of it! That is what’s on my heart & with my INTJ personality (that means I’m a planner of plans for plans I might plan) I want to help other women go ahead and shun our new normal.

It’s not in me to do major work outside the home & for a long while I felt like there must be something wrong with that, but no more!

Bless your heart ❤ ✞

*If Jesus isn’t your thing you may not want to be here. Not all posts contain faith-based messages, but some will. No matter what please be respectful of others.*.

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