Orietta Rose, interior decorating student, helping families reach their goals without all the stress. Live with grace, humility, wisdom, love, & laughter. Say, “No!” to jealousy, anger, & fear.  Family Friendly content focused on gaining a happier, healthier lifestyle! Part of a vision for creating a supportive culture of enrichment & creativity for families with the goal of helping them define & reach their dreams.

Born of the Empire, Volunteer by choice. INTJ creative minded person. Unapologetically Christian & conservative leaning libertarian.

The Future Of This Website:

There’s more to come, a whole grand plan for a digital market presence, & for a family full of people I haven’t met yet. Includes DIY & eventual giveaways. Live streams on YouTube.

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*If Jesus isn’t your thing you may not want to be here. Not all posts contain faith-based messages, but some will. No matter what please be respectful of others.*.