Homeschooling in China: Through the Eyes of a Guinea Pig

Homeschooling Now

Homeschooling in China_Another Draft.jpgMy mom didn’t know a lot about the blip on the radar called “homeschooling” when she embarked on the endeavor. With the amount of moving we did, it just made sense to try it. Since I was the oldest by five years, it meant that I became the guinea pig.

Turns out, at seven years old, I really became the guinea pig—for not only homeschooling but homeschooling overseas—when my family packed up me (at age 7), and my brothers (at 2 and at 6 months) and headed to China.

Yes, China.

That most definitely was not the plan.

Never the plan if mom had stuck to her “I will nevers” list.

But life has a funny way of taking those lists of things we will “never do” and bringing them right to your doorstep. You step out one day on one of those paths, look back, and wonder how on…

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