Hey, ya’ll, EBOOKS FOR SALE! They’re $2.99 each  & not yet on Amazon. Draft2Digital supposedly publishes to Amazon for you, but they’re listed as ‘blocked by distributor’??? I am unsure of the reason for that; I guess I’ll have to go in, make sure they’re delisted, and post to Kindle separately.

Each image is linked to a universal book link that will allow you to see all available distributors.

a better birthday cover2



A new take on an old tradition! Turn your child’s next birthday party into a better experience for all of you. No more mountains of presents, no more expensive parties. This year, teach your child to appreciate what they’ve got instead of demanding more.



Who Should Homeschool


Is homeschooling an option? YES! You can choose to homeschool, your reasons are all valid. If you’re thinking about taking your children’s education out of the classroom then this book is for you. Get that confidence boost & make the right decision for your family.

We’ll focus heavily on the positive aspects of homeschooling, though negatives are also addressed, and take a humorous approach to the topics covered.