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A new take on an old tradition! Turn your child’s next birthday party into a better experience for all of you. No more mountains of presents, no more expensive parties. This year, teach your child to appreciate what they’ve got instead of demanding more.a better birthday cover

Comparing ourselves to others is nothing new, we’ve been this way since the creation of the world. It’s normal to think about our families and compare them to those we come into contact with, but in this day & age it often goes to another level. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but which words are you attaching to those pictures? It’s time to put green eyes aside and focus on our own families, while realizing that perfection isn’t something to strive for, but happiness is!

your family isn't perfect cover

As parents we like to believe we’ll always be there for our children. We tell them we will be, promise to take care of them forever. But, the truth is, we won’t be able to keep those promises. The fact is not one of us knows, for certain, when we’ll close our eyes for the last time. So many people aren’t prepared to live or to die! Are you in that boat? You aren’t alone if you are, but it’s time to start rowing toward a plan. This effects your entire family, children included.

The Road to Tomorrow

Break out of the system of schooling & shed the baggage that comes with it! DeSchooling is a process during which both adults & children begin to separate learning from the traditional institution of school. This term, ‘deschool’, is usually applied to those beginning a homeschooling journey, but the activity can be beneficial for any family regardless of where their children are educated. Find out where interests lie, move toward independence of thought & autonomous learning!


The system of traditional schooling is an all-around failure. Children fall behind, find themselves stressed and unhappy, and despite spending hours upon hours at their desks are not prepared to face the new employment landscape. The Education Hack relies on the understanding that schooling & learning are in no way synonymous. Learn this hack today & implement it immediately! Everything starts at home.

education hack

Have you asked yourself, “Can I homeschool?” Well, it’s time to find out! Let’s take an honest look at the benefits of homeschooling & the disadvantages of homeschooling.

What is homeschooling? Simply put, it’s learning at home. We all did it, our children do it, and when a family decides to fully bring education home it takes on more meaning. Parents take the responsibility of teaching core subjects like reading & math, instead of delegating those jobs to other adults.

You may be facing opposition from family or friends, maybe even your own mind, but if you’re considering homeschool then you owe it to yourself to be informed. Learn more before making a decision one way or the other!
This book is directed to parents in the United States of America (though international families can gain insight here too!), focuses heavily on the positive aspects of home education, though negatives are also addressed, & takes a humorous approach to the topics covered.

Can I homeschool